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About Us

Klamath 9-1-1 Communications District is the single public safety answering and dispatch point for all of Klamath County, Oregon.  Klamath County is situated in south central Oregon bounded on the east by Lake County, on the north by Deschutes County, on the west by  Jackson and Douglas Counties and south by California.  The county is Oregon's fourth largest at 6,135 square miles, with a population of approximately 68,000 citizens.

Zone Map

The Klamath 9-1-1 Communications District boundaries match those of Klamath County. The primary transportation routes serving the jurisdiction are Highway 97, Highway 140, Highway 39, Highway 62, Highway 58 and Highway 138. Klamath County is home to Crater Lake which at 1,943 feet deep, the deepest in the United States and the seventh deepest lake in the world.  Klamath Lake, just outside of Klamath Falls, is the largest freshwater lake in Oregon and one of the largest in the United States, but only has a mean depth of 14 feet and a maximum depth of 49 feet.

The Klamath 9-1-1 Communications District is an Oregon special district formed under ORS 198 and ORS 401. The District is governed by a citizen Board of Directors elected from seven geographic zones within Klamath County. The Directors serve at large and select their Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. The Board governs with the participation of a statutory Advisory Committee consisting of appointed members from various public and private safety organizations within the district. The Board also appoints up to seven citizen members to its annual Budget Committee.

The District provides all 9-1-1 call-taking and dispatching for all public safety agencies in Klamath County, including Klamath Falls, Merrill and Malin Police Departments, Klamath County Sheriff’s Office, all Fire and Ambulance districts within the County - a total of twenty- seven (27) agencies.  Additionally, the District provides certain communications support services for Oregon State Police, Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon Institute of Technology, Union Pacific Railroad, U.S. National Forestry and Klamath County Parole and Probation. Klamath 9-1-1 enjoys a positive working relationship with public safety and emergency providers together serving the needs of people and communities throughout Klamath County.