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How Your 911 Service is Funded

Primary Funding Source

 The Klamath 911 Emergency Communications District's primary source of funding is property taxes, which are paid by the citizens of Klamath County. The district's established permanent tax rate is 15.41 cents per $1000 of assessed property value. 


Secondary Funding Source

Operating Levy: The district has successfully received support from the citizens of Klamath County by passing a 5-year operating levy, with the first year beginning 2024-2025 and ending 2028-2029. The operating levy was approved in the amount of 19 cents per $1000 of assessed property value.


Minimal Funding Sources

911 Excxise Tax: The district receives a minimal share of the 911 tax collected by the State. Distributions to the 911 call centers are made quarterly. A formula based on the population served is defined in ORS to determine the amount of the distribution. The rate of this taxation is $1.25 per phone line/device.

LGIP: The district participates in the Local Government Investment Pool, earning dividends on invested funds from its general, equipment, and building fund accounts.

Other Funding:  Tow Contract fees, miscellaneous sales, and State payments in lieu of taxes.

Contract Service Fees:  This is income from a small number of contracts for services we provide.

Grant Revenue: The district may seek and receive grant funds if an opportunity becomes available.