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CAD Site

CAD Site and Contact Information

Klamath 9-1-1 Emergency Communications District maintains various site information, including but not limited to: lock box information, gate codes, location of hazmat, business after hours contact info, etc. The information is entered into our computer aided dispatch software. It is only made available when requested by first responders.

Validation Requests

Periodically we may validate this site contact information, and attempt contact with you to do that. If we are not able to make contact with you to validate the information, it may be purged.

This information is confidential and will only be made available to emergency response agencies.

Please use the appropriate form below to submit your request. Fill it in with as much information as available.

Klamath 9-1-1 Business Site Contact Request Form.pdfKlamath 9-1-1 Residential Site Contact Request Form.pdf