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Klamath Interoperability Radio Group


The purpose of  KIRG is to own, maintain, finance, and operate the county-wide interoperable radio
communications system. KIRG is an ORS chapter 190, including but not limited to those specific powers described in ORS 190.080.2.

The KIRG is governed by a board of directors ("Board") of seven individuals representing the following:
• Klamath Falls Police Department
• Klamath County Sheriffs Office
• Klamath 911 Emergency Communications District
• Klamath County Fire District No. 1
• Klamath County Public Works Department
• Klamath County Fire Defense Board
• Klamath County Ambulance Advisory Committee

FY 23-24 Fee Schedule.pdfFY 23-24 Budget.pdf


FY 22-23 Approved Fee Schedule.pdfFY 22-23 Approved Budget.pdf